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Vehicle Repair After Accident

Britannia Vehicle Rentals can promptly organise for the damaged vehicle to be inspected and repaired with one of our approved authorised repairers.

Once it’s established that the accident wasn’t your fault, Britannia Vehicle Rentals can promptly organise inspection and vehicle repair after accident with one of our approved authorized repairers.

Britannia Vehicle Rentals perfectly trained team will do their utmost to fix your vehicle to the best of their ability, assuring our clients that their vehicle is in the best of hands.

Our services will provide you with the quickest process to get your car repaired and back on the road. You wouldn’t have to pay any insurance excess or receive any hidden expenses as all costs are recovered from the insurance company, so we pay the repairer direct.

Get in touch with us today to benefit from our no hassle, stress-free services.

Cash In Lieu Settlement

If your vehicle is repairable and you don’t want us to repair it, we can assist you in obtaining a cash in lieu settlement which provides you with the flexibility to arrange repairs at your own convenience and choice. We would arrange for a vehicle assessor to independently inspect your damaged vehicle so we can carefully estimate the cost of repairs and all this is done at no cost to you.