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At Britannia Vehicle Rentals our fleet extends to over 4000 vehicles, so we are able to provide you with any type of replacement vehicle after accident which you are not at fault. We put forward an extensive fleet ranging from an average small car, to commercial, prestige, sports, 4—4 vehicles, motorcycles and taxis, which of course would all come with full breakdown cover.

In the occurrence of an accident involved with a taxi, Britannia Vehicle Rentals can provide our services to taxi drivers so they don’t lose business. Taxi drivers can continue driving a taxi as they are provided with a plated/licensed vehicle with all the necessary arrangements such as a radio or meter installation.

Our current fleet extends to over 4000 vehicles and included all makes and models. Britannia Vehicle Rentals work with leading credit hire operators all over the UK and have designed a service to ensure our clients are back on the road within 24 hours after a road accident. The fleet includes all categories from standard, MPV, 4 x 4, sports, prestige, super cars, taxi plated and commercials. We can also provide replacement motorbikes and scooters nationwide.

With our comprehensive insurance covering all drivers from the age of 17 and above, you be assured that Britannia Vehicle Rentals will provide only the best possible replacement vehicle commpany which matches or exceeds your damaged vehicle. Contact us now to find out more about our comprehensive accident management service as well as our extensive fleet of replacement vehicles and let us put you back on the road!

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