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We pay up to £1500 cash referral fee per credit hire claim referred by you and accepted by Britannia Vehicle Rentals.

We are certain that our service is the best in the country. Get up to £1,500 as a referral fee per Credit Hire (Replacement Vehicle) claim. Referred by you and accepted by us! This is solely based on the credit hire claim. Therefore, is dependant on the like for like replacement vehicle we provide.

This tiered referral fee structure applies to Road Traffic Accidents and the Credit Hire aspect of the claim. BVR are able to provide a complete accident management service including the following. Recovery & Storage of damaged vehicles, Like for Like Replacement Credit Hire vehicles & Vehicle repairs. The service is aimed at non-fault drivers and/or vehicle owners and can be tailored to manage accidents on behalf of companies. Ensuring your fleet is always on the road!

The referral fee is dependent on the type or class of vehicle we provide as a like for like replacement. If we provide a replacement car for a Vauxhall Corsa, the fee will be lower for this case as we only recover around £40 per day as opposed to a Mercedes E Class. You will receive a greater fee as we can recover around £150+ per day.

Acceptance Criteria for a Referral Fee

  • You contact us & provide the relevant details of the client/driver you wish to refer to us so we can confirm the claim.
  • The client/driver you have referred agrees to use our service. Client/Driver must co-operate with us and the instructed solicitor/our agent (for recovery of vehicle damages payment).
  • The referred client / driver provides all the required information needed to progress the claim successfully.
  • The client/driver signs and returns the signed paperwork and sends ID documents as soon as possible.
  • Referral fee is paid once we have managed to settle our invoice for credit hire charges and/or recovery & storage charges. By paying once the invoice has been settled we avoid any potential misunderstanding and can be confident that our service is transparent. Thus, ensuring an excellent working relationship with clients and referrers alike.

How much do we pay?

Payments can vary depending on the type or class of the vehicle.

Type / Class Duration Storage Service Amount (£)
Standard Car 28 days + £200 – £500
Prestige Car 28 days + £500 – £1000
Taxi Replacement 28 days + £750 – £1500

The amount of referral fees you can earn with Britannia Vehicle Rentals can easily exceed the figures provided above. There is no limit as to how much you could potentially earn and we welcome new referral agreements from taxi companies, fleet car companies and any fleet maintenance companies. All commissions are paid at the end of each month and are paid regularly on a self billing basis.