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Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the offer of Advance Payment of £1500 being made in your claim:

  1. You must be over 18 years of age.
  2. Liability for your accident is admitted in full by the Defendant/Insurer.
  3. The Defendant/Insurer has full insurance cover/indemnity for the accident or the period of your claim.
  4. You have attended a Medical Examination arranged by us.
  5. You must:
    • a. Cooperate with us at all times in the pursuit of your claim
    • b. Give prompt and truthful instructions
    • c. Not withhold relevant information
    • d. Make reasonable efforts to attend any Court or other appointments that we ask you to attend
  6. You must follow the advice given by us and any Barrister instructed by us including about making or accepting any reasonable settlement offer or indeed any other issue in relation to your claim.
  7. Your General Damages (Compensation for your Injury) are valued over £3000 based on the Medical Report.
  8. You must agree to our Terms of Business, sign our Conditional Fee Agreement and sign an Authority, irrevocably instructing the relevant Defendant/Insurer to make payment of your damages to us.
  9. A signed contract with you, in which you:
    • a. Authorise us to deduct £2000 at the end of your claim from the damages you are awarded;
    • b. Confirm that the advance payment of £2000 is not a referral fee but an advance;
    • c. Acknowledge the right to obtain independent legal advice in respect of the Contract.
  10. You have not instructed another solicitor or firm of solicitors prior to contacting us.
  11. An advance can NOT be paid on the following:
    • a. Clinical Negligence cases;
    • b. Industrial Disease cases;
    • c. Motor Insurance Bureau claim for untraced drivers;
    • d. Road Traffic Accidents where;
      • i. The accident occurred at low speed, or:
      • ii. If the accident was over 18 months old and you did not attend the GP/Hospital
  12. Injury caused by an animal
  13. Criminal Injury claims
  14. You must not be subject to:
    • A Bankruptcy Order
    • An Individual Voluntary Arrangement
    • Administration
    • A Debt Relief Order
  15. It is at our discretion whether we make an Advance Payment. We may choose to offer a lesser amount.
  16. You will be liable to repay immediately and in full the Advance Payment of:
    • a. You ceasing to instruct us if you do so without our agreement;
    • b. The conclusion of your claim (whether it is successful or not);
    • c. The 360th day after receiving the Advance Payment.
  17. In the event that clause 14. applies, the Advance Payment shall be repaid in full by way of 3 or fewer payments. You will not be charged any interest on the amount of the Advance Payment.

* These Terms and Conditions are correct as at the time of publishing. We reserve the right to amend, rectify or cancel any of the above terms as we see fit, without prior notification, consent or approval.

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