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New Claims Helpline

Britannia Repair Network

We provide a full range of quality vehicle repairs in over 130 body shops in England, Scotland and Wales. All network repairers are carefully selected and an exacting review of their capabilities, quality standards and industry qualifications

We understand that vehicle itself is nothing without its owner, therefore we take care of our clients and make our best to make them feel as convenient as possible while our mechanics are doing all the magic while repairing vehicle. We will collect damaged vehicle, provide like for like replacement vehicle and return the repaired vehicle back to the owner.  When it comes to making job done, we make it at 110% and with smile.

Thanks to our network of 130 repair body shops in England, Scotland and Wales, we are confident provide highest quality of service and restore any vehicle to their pre-accident condition.

How Does it Work?

  • If your vehicle needs any kind of repair works, contact us and we will arrange the best time for your vehicle to be collected.
  • Your vehicle will be delivered to one of our body shops and after a short inspection you will be notified about the approximate time of repairs.
  • Meanwhile, if required, you will be given a like for like replacement vehicle.
  • We will arrange the best time for your vehicle to be delivered back to you.

Did You Know?

We’re flexible. If you’d like that your damaged vehicle would be collected from (or delivered to) your home, work or any other place – we can do it.

There is no upfront costs. We understand that not everyone can pay the repairs straight away therefore in the beginning you will only be asked to sign some paperwork.

Credit repair option. If your vehicle was damaged because of an accident which was not your fault, we can do credit repair. It means that all the costs of your repair will be sent to third party insurance company and if liability is admitted, you would not need to pay us anything. In addition, your no claims bonus will stay safe because we will not contact your insurance.

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