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Frequently Asked Questions

You save money

Once you will contact your insurance company, they will ask you to pay your policy excess. Britannia, vice versa, do not need this payment.

Feel Comfortable

If your vehicle is repairable, insurance company can provide you with vehicle, but it will not be like for like. Therefore a lot of people find it inconvenient to switch from their comfy cars to small replacement vehicles. If your vehicle is not repairable and it is total loss, then you might not get a replacement vehicle at all. In contrast, Britannia has over 5000 vehicles in our fleet so we are able to provide you with like for like replacement vehicle, what basically gives you comfort and eliminates the inconvenience of getting familiar with replacement vehicle size and controls. Even if your vehicle is unrepeatable, you can be sure you'll get a replacement one.

Get everything at once

Since we provide comprehensive accident management, we can do everything you might need to recover after accident. This includes providing you with like for like replacement vehicle, collecting and delivering your vehicle to authorized repair shops, dealing with your claim for personal injury and providing overall management & legal support which you might need after the accident.

We strive to deliver replacement vehicles as soon as possible. Usually it takes up to 24 hours from the initial call.

Our service fee is recovered from fault driver's insurance company, so you, our customer, is not charged a penny.

Yes, you can. In this case we will claim via Motor Insurance Bureau, an organization, which exist to help innocent drivers who were involved into accidents with not insured drivers.

No Claims Bonus records will not be affected when you claim through us, it is only affected when you claim through your insurance company.